As I practiced up for the Peru Fundraiser Concerts, I recorded a better version of Rollin’. Here it is:

(Right-click here to download, or touch for iPad/iPhone)

A bit of explanation: This is my wanna-be guitarist piece. I start with the violin in my lap strumming it like a guitar. As with all my “Digital Acoustic Violin” pieces, all the sounds are created on the violin, with no effects except reverb (and a bit of delay), so the fed-back guitar sound is produced just with the bow on an acoustic violin – think of it as Hendrix on an acoustic violin!

This is a SINGLE pass (no overdubs)… start to finish, with all the parts recorded and played-back with a foot controller to enable/record/playback each of the tracks.

Someday I’ll do a YouTube version so you can see how it is all produced, or attend one of my fundraisers!