Tuning – rough draft

It’s about time to hear what I’m talking about… I’m posting a rough draft of a piece that right now I’m calling simply “Tuning”, since it starts with nothing but open strings. Everything you hear is produced on a violin. I lay down 7 background parts for the A section and 5 parts for the B section, and of course play the melody and improvise over that.

Tuning: right-click here to download, touch to hear on iPhone/iPad)

And remember, its ALL live: one take, one pass through, controlling the computer and all the parts with a footpedal controller which I’ve programmed to manipulate (record, play, stop) each part independently. Hopefully it has a pleasing ‘shape’: much more than just a bunch of parts thrown together, but a meaningful progression of form from start through build though conclusion.

This is a real moody piece, appropriate for a long winter, with hints of Spring trying to peak through. There is so much to explain about what I’m trying to accomplish, but for now, just listen.

Enjoy- and really, really, do leave comments here.

Updated 3/27: remixed with a bit more bass